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Legal services to keep your business protected

If you own your own business, you know that it's your lifeblood. You have everything invested into your

company and need it to prosper in order to make a living. With sound legal advice from

Richard K Champney PC, you can be confident that from a legal standpoint, your business is properly protected so that it can grow and be profitable.

In the world of contracts, there is no end to the amount of loopholes that can be found if the contract isn't prepared by someone knowledgeable in the legal world. Call us today and we will sit down with you and make sure that your contract is legally binding

and that the rights of all parties involved are properly protected

to avoid later hassles.

Contract review and preparation

If you're looking to purchase an existing business, you need proper legal representation to help you with all of the paperwork before you even think about spending a single dime. We'll help you to make sure that your new business is legally protected and that the previous owner cannot try and take the business back at a later time. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you purchase your business.

Are you looking to purchase a business?

We've been providing sound legal advice in business law for over 35 years.

Let us help to keep your business or company

legally protected.


Business law areas:


•  Contracts

•  Corporations

•  LLCs and LLPs

•  Sole proprietorships

•  Employment law

•  Liquor licenses

•  Business sales and